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Ease and Expertise

Your experience is our priority. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide highly customized, 100% personalized services to our clients. We want you to be as involved, or uninvolved in your trip planning as you’d like. One of our lovely, well traveled, experienced “Travel Magicians” (Meet them under the “About us” tab) will help you in office, via e-mail, or on the phone, to plan your perfect, stress free getaway. Give us a call and let us show you just what’s it’s like to work with the experts. You won’t regret it.

Your experience is our priority. We handle everything, from your doorstep, to your destination, and back. Save time, don’t stress, just enjoy!



We have connections, and we'll share them with our clients. Free breakfast? Done. Hotel voucher? Done. If we can get it for you, we will. Get ready for great surprises.

Stress Free Experience

We'll solve your problems before you realize you have them. Flight change? We'll get you on a new flight and send you your new flight details.

Save Time

We know travel. We're a San Diego based Travel Consulting Group, we can book, plan, and arrange everything for you. Online or in office? It's up to you.

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What Customers Say

  • "90% of my travel is done through a travel agency. I tell them is when I want to leave and come back. They book the cheapest flights and cars. They usually get better deals than I would get booking through a site myself."

    Esteemed redditor
  • "Every once in a while someone makes a dramatic difference in your life. Your diligence beyond the call of duty added two days to my life that otherwise would have been spent in a hotel in San Juan. I am now able to get my work done. My gratitude is great."

  • Gaby Perras provides the best responsive 24-hour service for my company, with prices that just cannot be beat.  If one of my employees gets stuck in transit, I can call her any time of day, and she will always be there to help them resolve their situation.  Her international knowledge and world connections has made her a true asset to my International Business Company.

    Mrs. Terri Voland
    Travel Manager
    EOD Technology, Inc.